On the road with J. Sho design and a camera

Howdy how!I’m in between cameras at the moment and its a wonderful exercise that’s forcing me to blog about everything I’ve already photographed and get somewhat organized with my pictures. Somewhat. As I was cruising through deciding what to keep and what to delete, it occurred to me some would make for inspirational subject matter… Continue reading On the road with J. Sho design and a camera

Beach house bedroom update

Happy Friday friends! We spent the last long weekend at the beach where I managed to make a few styling updates to the bedroom. Much needed I might add. When we left, we had the canvas covered:┬áPeacock Paver floors, white-washed planked ceilings and the barn door. I’d painted a “headboard” in Martha Stewart’s “Rainwater” for… Continue reading Beach house bedroom update

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

Hi friends! A little kiss-on-the-cheek post for this Valentine’s Day. I left the Charlie Brown tree by the front door after Christmas this year and we covered it in paper snowflakes the kid’s made for a little “Winter decorating” in January. And then draped it in these .97 cent Valentine paper chains I found at… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

2013 Inspiration House: Last Weekend!

I had the pleasure and the privilege of touring this year’s Inspiration House on press night, a wild and lovely time. Wild was all the color and inspiration of the interiors and lovely was celebrating the rooms my three design darling friends dreamed up. If you’ve never toured a show house, you must! The beauty… Continue reading 2013 Inspiration House: Last Weekend!

Before and After: Client Dining Room

I’m grateful to have helped this client transform her dining room into a functioning space she can be proud of.. “I walk by and cannot believe its my house” (Shucks). Here’s what we started with… A lot of dead space on either side of the table and only enough seating for four or five people.… Continue reading Before and After: Client Dining Room

Back on the horse

Hi friends and HAP-PY NEW YEAR. Its been awhile since our last chat and candidly I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Do we dive right into our new year’s dreams and aspirations? I’m sure many of you are already off to the races (giddy up). Part of me feels like I didn’t give the… Continue reading Back on the horse