Back to work: a few project updates and a sneak peek

Its back to the races for us here at J. Sho Design and we’re feeling extremely fortunate. I’m thrilled that clients are hiring us, more and more, for projects beginning at the architectural planning stages, where I can manipulate layouts and come up with ideas and suggestions that help the house feel, look and live… Continue reading Back to work: a few project updates and a sneak peek

A beautiful home for sale

I recently read the term “white hot Wednesday” and kinda liked the sound of it (grrr). I thought maybe I should come up with a quick, inspiring hump day post which is fairly common…”Wednesday white” or “its a wonderful world Wednesday” and thought about this GORGEOUS home for sale nearby I’ve been wanting to share… Continue reading A beautiful home for sale

Palm Springs pretties

You may have heard I took a trip recently to Palm Springs with all my college roommates. We all turned 40 this year and we’re all like damn straight we’re taking a big trip. We decided on Palm Springs after looking at all the hip homes for rent on VRBO and the many different things… Continue reading Palm Springs pretties

Room Service Atlanta: the big reveal…

AND AN EVEN BIGGER THANK U! I’m so happy to be sharing these pictures with you all. Your support was such a gift (I already LOVED getting the mail). Your generosity and kind words that magically appeared are cherished. So just to refresh your memory, this is what we started with… A lounge room for… Continue reading Room Service Atlanta: the big reveal…

Where have you been?

Hey there! Remember me? Your designer friend. Holy month of May. Poof! Up and gone already. Kicked off my birthday month with a bang and met my HERO Mary McDonald at ADAC. Wanna talk about star struck…for the first five minutes I don’t think I really comprehended what she was saying to me. And I’ve… Continue reading Where have you been?

Obsessed: Tobi Tobin Design

Ok, where have I been? While studying the most recent issue of House Beautiful, I stumbled upon rock star designer Tobi Tobin and her beautiful Hollywood Hills Farm House. I couldn’t get enough of it.  The pages already worn out. At first I thought maybe Tobi was a boy until I stalked looked up her… Continue reading Obsessed: Tobi Tobin Design

Riding high…

Its been a crazy couple of weeks. It all started in Palm Springs with 8 of my college roommates in a fat pad in a fat city, followed by one of my besties second-chance-at-love weddings (the best kind, I’m convinced) in one of the most beautiful places on earth. My cup is runneth over. Somewhere… Continue reading Riding high…

Design in the desert

Howdy loves! I’m off to be inspired.  A long-awaited trip to Palm Springs, a mid-century marvel,  with 8 of my favorite people. Nothing like travel to new places to recharge your creative soul and introduce new inspiration into your daily life and designs. We’re celebrate the passing of time… (cheese ball) OK we’re all turning FORTY (!!!) and… Continue reading Design in the desert

Room Service Atlanta: my charity project

Hi friends,Its that time of year again! ┬áTime to give back with the amazing foundation Room Service Atlanta. If you are not familiar let me quickly explain. Two amazing women got together and thought how can we deliver great design to those that need it most? By rallying local designers to showcase their work through… Continue reading Room Service Atlanta: my charity project

Dreaming of last Summer…

Well I think its pretty safe to say, Miss Spring is taking her time showing up around here. Its another cold day and I’m dreaming about birds chirping, the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of barbecue, not these flurries in March #overit So I thought what a perfect time to visit all the… Continue reading Dreaming of last Summer…