Happy Halloween from the homestead and hood

Floating skull inside apothecary was my favorite this year.
Another holiday designed around the rot box #yourdaysarenumbered 

Back door greeting…

Ruby got some action. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a masquerade party? 

You all remember sweet Shannon’s house from last Christmas? A lot to talk about here. Coming soon. Very exciting new projects on the horizon for she and I. Think urban farmhouse renovation.

“I’ll get you my pretty…”

Switched it up to bats this year since painting all the stair risers black (last year’s mice wouldn’t really work). Verdict still out on the stairs. Some days I like them.

We went to beautiful Scottsdale Farms to pick pumpkins this year and said hello to Olivia and Jerome. Our family has a thing for piggies. We love them. Every now and then, when driving back to Michigan, will pass a huge truck full and go wild, driving along side for as long as we can. Then shortly after, the guilt sets in. This family loves bacon too. 

This one was picked especially for Daddy, he approved via New York City but was pissed we went without him. Pumpkin day is one of his favorites.

Soph asked that I snap this picture, “an S for Sophia!” I myself really dig the old school pumpkin face bottom center and might have to copy that. Papa Maurice is in town and we’ll be carving them up this weekend.

Gave Soph free reign with the mice this year. Those little suckers showed up everywhere.

I had big plans for the climbing skeletons I’ve coveted on Pinterest for two years but never quite got around to it. So I propped Mr. Lovely Bones on the mailbox instead. He loves mail as much as me. 

My boots the witches boots are back. Some of you may have noticed a new door color (again). This time “blue gray” by Farrow and Ball. Love love this color.

Here’s a neighbor who has her act together and did a great job with the climbing skeletons. Love the guy in the vines. So fun.

The monster house! I totally dig the urns draped in spooky mesh. Like I may want to incorporate that into a design but with some pretty muslin for year round.

My neighbors holiday decorations are superb every holiday, every year! I”ll be sure to show you her Williamsburg holiday decorations this year too. 
My favorite! 

And that will wrap it up from our home and neighborhood. Hope you all have a great Halloween! Its such a fun and favorite holiday. We’ve got a ghost and a zombie this year and Big Poppy in town to pass out candy. Good times! Our four-legged child has a glow-in-the-dark skeleton the kids are crazy excited about (took about ten treats to get him in it). By the way, have any of you seen the ad with the family dressed up as Star Wars characters? How sweet is Princess Leia hanging in the baby bjorn or the Darth Vader pug? Love that ad!

Trick or treat to you and yours!

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