Halloween at mi casa

At last, we’ve got our spook on at chez Schoenberger. Every year I have such high hopes and when push comes to shove, I just can’t seem to get my ACT together. Time, money or in this year’s case, the flu, gets in the way. But the nice thing about holidays, they keep coming around, for another shot at the title.

Here’s this year’s version. I hope you enjoy and maybe find a favorite to emulate in your haunted house.

The ole witch boots making a repeat performance and boy my door is looking awfully bright. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get that color to chill in photos. My big sister to the rescue! She was here last weekend and suggested Fall Harvest by Benjamin Moore. This will be my FOURTH and final attempt at the perfect shade of orange door. Endurance. 
Just inside, I put together this little vignette using some spooky ornaments I found at Pier One. There was something very Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas about them so I bought one of each. My favorite being the Mummy with his eye popped out. Picked up the black urn at the Queen of Hearts for $12.99 and stuffed it with branches and moss. A skeleton hand bone would be the perfect compliment lying next to it don’t you think? And maybe some bats hanging around too? Next year. 
The skeletal system was a $5 piece of wrapping paper. I had it dry mounted at Hob Lob for $15. The whole process took about ten minutes. I like it. 

(Had a little fun with the photoshop express phone app in some of these pics in case you were wondering why they all look so different).

Turning to your left, the mice have returned. Still trying to figure out who loves them best, the Hubs or Jack…”love the mouse house babe”. 
Channeling Edgar Allen Poe in the dining room…

Because you can never have enough boots to go with your witch (I guess that witch would be me. I definitely qualify on occasion. Somewhere right now my Husband is nodding his head).  
This year’s mantle consists of mercury glass, black netting, skulls and a pair of pumpkin topiaries. Its hard to get creative here with that damn television above. I considered the craft box letters from Michaels and spelling out BOO stacked vertically on one side and HISS horizontally across the bottom. Maybe next year. However, I’m in the process of convincing Mike to move the TV to the other wall. He’s not aware of this latest scheme and has a hard time keeping track of them all…hee hee (in my best witch voice). 
Halloween is a great time of year to bust out all your tarnished silver and work it into your decor. 

The pumpkin topiaries consist of white craft pumpkins, more moss and a pair of concrete planters I had stashed. Pretty simple. 

When I’m not using them for plants, I flip em over as candle holders below (an old dining room vignette). Its been a long love affair with sticks and plate walls. 
Some Old Hagg Stew anyone? The jar is filled with water tinted by food coloring and pieces of “bones”.   A shout out to the Trenton Street Fair, where I purchased it some Summers ago. 

Added some orange to my living room wall sconces. Next year I’m thinking black. 

Had a bunch of these stashed from last year and popped em all into the bird’s nest on the console…gross.

Another old high school art project of mine (sorry for the glare) that I break out every Halloween.

More skulls and silver…
And lastly, so close! Yet so far in making the bats we talked about HERE. It’s sitting on my office floor for when time and motivation strike. Wonder what the over/under on that is going to be? 

Happy Halloween you all! And happy hump day too! Tomorrow I pick up three of my dearest friends from home sweet home. We are beach bound and have been friends since the FOURTH grade!!! Back when Engrid was telling everyone to “cool their jets” and Tina and I were making shadow boxes out of shoe boxes while listening to records in her room (we’ve always been quite crafty, she and I). Almost 30 years now. If someone would of said, someday you’ll have ten kids between you, will spend long weekends at the beach, sippin on sunshine, laughing until you cry… well damn we might not of drove so fast or got into so much trouble! And this is just the half of us. I need a bigger place to fit everyone. Next time we’ll rent a big place – for sure – because these opportunities are truly once in a lifetime. You have to cherish, plan and jump on them when you can.

Love your friends and family all, make those calls, write those letters, take those pictures because Father Time digs the fast lane.
Jenny from the rock


  1. I love the orange door. Oh and the white pumpkins. Oh and the mice. Actually all of it 🙂 Have fun at the beach. I can’t wait to see what you do for decorating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. We also struggled with finding the right orange for our front door. I decorator recommended BM Navajo Red. I would have never picked it on my own from the sample, but it was the perfect shade of burnt orange that wasn’t too loud. You might want to try that.

  3. Happy Halloween!!I used to do all that, and glad I did when the boys were younger. Enjoy this time with your kids.

  4. these are the best decortions! I love the witches shoes on the front door! I found your blog via room service atlanta…what a wonderful cause! I’m now a follower! love the blog! would love for you to check out and follow my blog too if you like what you see! Heather from Vivid Hue Home

  5. Awesome! You’re really into celebrating Halloween, huh? I admire you for making a grand effort in celebrating the season. I find your front door bewitching! The color really suited the season. I started to imagine a huge pumpkin after I saw it. The old boot décor was very amazing too.

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