Design in the big D: part deux

Back to the big D for part two of my Labor Day shopping extravaganza. A big hug to Joni of Cote de Texas for putting me in touch with Emily from The Material Girls blog who HOOKED me up with, I’m convinced, the best places to explore.

So we left off leaving Lisa Luby Ryan’s Vintage Living shop, sniff, sniff and I made my way to the design district near the riverfront. First stop White Elephant Antiques. OH my. If only I had a uhaul…
Art deco mirror and Murano glass lamp gorgeous.

I’ll take one of each please. The marble bowl sinks. How pretty would you be in someone’s powder room? Those bleached wood shutters, sure, come with me. You can get lost just here alone…

Why I didn’t shove you in my suitcase, I’ll never know…

killer primitive piece.

Love the old skeleton chart here. Make for great Halloween decor. My blogger friend Lauren at Pure Style Home recently did a very resourceful post on where to find similar type charts in all shapes and sizes HERE. Oversized botanicals? No problem.

I think I liked every single thing this dealer had. I picked up this little wire shelf for $16, now functioning as a soap dish in Jack and Sophia’s bathroom.

I loved the perforated tray…

Ahh, couldn’t resist 😉

These were torn from an old calendar. Great vintage prints for a children’s space.

$425 for your beaded highness/heinous? You’d a been my first deposit into the uhaul.

Somehow managed to shove this heavily foxed mirror into my suitcase and made it back alive…

Its home for now, reflecting light and giving the kitchen backsplash a little bling bling…always felt like I needed a focal point or some piece of architecture back here and this fits the bill…for now.

These three perforated trays (I must have something with circles as of late?). I thought even just lined up vertically in a row as a backdrop atop a case good piece would make a great visual statement.

Totally in love with this hammered demi lune with black granite top. If you had a friend, you both are coming with me in my make believe uhaul.

I’ve seen a lot of chicken coops repurposed as coffee tables but I can’t say I’ve seen them used on the wall, which I think is a great idea, especially if you had like six or nine of them.

I can honestly say I’ll take it all! Maybe not the elephant ear wall art, but everything else, in the uhaul, stat!

Have always loved this style of bamboo furniture in an English traditional or beach house setting.

Great statement piece for your wall…

WHY I didn’t buy all the “see the” flashcards below I’ll never know! I thought to fill in the blank in pretty colored script with love, world, good, etc. and group them all together in a frame. Ah well.

Mom has one just like it!

This zinc-topped desk caught my eye and would work in so many different settings, styles.

Someone’s new kitchen island perhaps? Throw it in the truck!
no comment…

I could be a good sconce to you.

Time to say goodbye and head down the street to Again and Again. Along my steamy walk, I passed by this exterior: how thoughtful and lovely. For all my hometown Michigan readers, this is your subliminal message/reminder…yes you can paint brick. Banish the brown brick homes that are EVERYWHERE and put on some color.

Killer copper bowl/planter.
Once inside Again and Again, I had the most pleasant conversation with the sweetest man. I’m ashamed I cannot remember his name. He mapped out my entire next day of shopping and eating. Thank you kind sir!
Still on my wish list: designing a black and white interior.

slightly out of focus but fun!

You know as well as I do, these pretties, were sold. ALL THE RAGE.

Check out my backside! I can’t resist but to type, baby got back! Total dork…but brings back great memories of college house parties.

Pick a chair, any chair…

I’ll take you.

These cane back bamboo chairs could be really fun in a bright color and exotic print on the seat.
More great chairs. I’m telling ya this is the place for chairs.

Mid Century Modern is big right now but I get the impression, its really BIG in Dallas. Everything in that style was marked SOLD.

I was reminded of Rue Magazine’s Texas issue. If you didn’t see this house, YOU MUST check it out. It set me on fire! The mix, editing, texture, such a fun place.

Alrighty, you ready for day two? Only a few pics left.

Saturday, before the game, we ventured over to the Knox and Henderson area near Highland Park. Where our Detroit Lion’s quarterback, Matt Stafford, grew up. Go Matty!

First stop 12,000 glorious square feet of Mecox Gardens! Remember this table from the Coast Living Beach House??

I know some crazy DIY talent reading this is thinking what I’m thinking…of course you can!

I know they are everywhere, but I particularly liked the big chunky beads on this guy.

Hey DIY, this one you can totally handle! Like totally for. sure.

I have to say Mecox was amazing. I don’t think I’ve been in a store that has so much gorgeous inventory so artistically displayed. Whatever your “look”, you can find it here.

These three sea urchin like orbs made it back alive. I’m saving them for the next beach house project directly above the last one. The theme, “organic”. Can’t wait to share that ride with you all but its going to be awhile, still wiped out from the first.

Speaking of crust and organic, one of these would make a nice coffee table in my vision. Perfect for drinks or sandy feet.

Walking over to Grange Hall, we spotted a precious outdoor dining space.

LOVE this! Copy that.

Seriously? Probably one of the sweetest necklaces to hang. Something so Daisy ala Great Gatsby about it. Grange Hall was way out of my league BUT I did pick up a horn bangle bracelet off the sale table for less than $30. Now that I can handle.

Before popping into Toulouse for lunch, spotted this sign worthy of a photo. I dig fonts, logos and signs if you don’t know that about me already. I’m kind of a broken record. Wha Wha Wha.

Right next to it, this beautifully trimmed out garage door for any of my builder friends who may be reading…

Step away from the glasses Jen.
New line called Shaun’s Shades. Every pair sold, a child in need gets an eye exam and free specs. That’s what I’m talking about.

Vintage handbags repurposed on the inside to look brand new!

Walking on over to Nest, came across this very Mrs. Roper like bracelet. I wanted to take her home, but alas, that damn fashion diet prevailed!

One of my bf’s new favorite chair obsessions. This one’s for you sweet pea! And that’s my new office chair in the back ground. Wee wee! Finally get to check that one off the list. It will look great next to the aeron office chair we recently bought too. We often work together in our office, so it is important that we have a chair each! Now that we’ve got chairs to add to our office furniture from Office Monster the home office is finally complete.

Speaking of chairs, here’s my obliging model. She promised to be a good little shopper, not complain and not ask for every single thing. So of course Aunt RoRo and I caved.

(of course she wants one for her bedroom).

Soph made quite a splash that day in her hat…

And that’s a wrap on design in the big D. I think its safe to say its LARGE and IN CHARGE.

Cheers you all! I hope your weekend is beautiful and blessed! I’m psyched to be hitting Nashville on Sunday with the Hubs to watch the Lions play the Titans. GO LIONS!

bunches of love,


  1. Yes I agree all brown brick houses should be whitewashed or painted! You tell my husband that eastern NC likes painted brick! We butt heads over our brown bricks. Sally

  2. Like any native Texan gal, my SUV has four wheel drive! Some pull horse trailers…I pull U Hauls of treasures! Name the date, and let’s establish the first annual “BBQ, Buying, and Buds” (as in the beer and the friends). We can hit Dallas and/or Houston. As always, I’m headed to Round Top soon too! Stephanie

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