brother, sister, can you spare a dime?

Dear Friends and Family,
Lisa and I are extremely honored to be chosen as participating designers for this year’s Room Service Atlanta! Read all about this wonderful cause here and check out all the awesome designer profiles HERE (you know me, big ole tears, hands over my face, seeing my mug with this amazing roster of good people. Thinking about Mom. Exhale).
The program was founded by two big beautiful heart local designers as a way to GIVE BACK to our community by offering what we do best – making the world a more beautiful and functional place!
“I will make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life”
– Elsie de Wolfe
(This quote never gets old).
This year, we are teaming up with The United Methodist Children’s Home to renovate a home in Decatur, Georgia. This cottage is a temporary home to boys, ages 17-21 who are transitioning out of foster care. A cause my husband and I are very passionate about – the older children that often times get lost in the shuffle and bounce from place to place. The church program gives them a safe, comfortable home while teaching them to become adults in todays’ world: how to open a bank account, get medical insurance, grocery shop, find a job, make a healthy meal, etc. So, of course, to ensure that the church program stays up and running, they need the help and the generosity of other people. Not only can they consider using the “text to give for churches” app, but reaching out to as many people as possible through other means is something else that should be considered, as the same goal is still at the forefront of the efforts, and that’s to make sure that older children have the access to these amazing teaching resources offered by the program.
The boys must study full time and hold a part-time job, or work full time to participate in the program. They are good kids and know they are being offered a wonderful opportunity! We want to help them succeed by giving them a dignified, warm, fun place to call home before they embark on life as men in today’s society.
We will be designing for them the week of October 22 (right around the corner!). The kitchen was renovated 4 years ago with some new appliances and cabinets, but is still in need of a designer’s touch to make it feel more like home and a place they can be proud of and spend time in fellowship with others.

The adjacent patio area (a lot of land and potential) could also make for a great place to hang out, do homework, and enjoy a meal with friends.

As you can imagine, we are already busting at the seams with ideas, but those ideas take money. Please consider helping out in any way you can….any amount of money or time is immensely appreciated. Any. Twenty bucks, no problem. We also have a wish list of in-kind donations we are hoping for if you, or the company you work for might have access to these:
Commercial Refrigerator
Set of pots and pans
Slim bench or stools
Serving Platters
Outdoor patio umbrellas
Patio furniture
Outdoor Grill
We don’t mind if it is gently used. We love to repurpose! We would be particularly keen to hear from a commercial refrigeration service, as without a sturdy fridge, the facility will be unable to store any chilled goods. Perhaps you work in grocery retail and have a useful contact who can help us out? Please get in touch if so!
In addition to that, we will need help cleaning, painting, hauling, electrifying, planting, etc. If you are a skilled professional, and willing to donate a few hours in support of these young men, please let us know. We are looking for the following professionals:
Garden Expert
All donations are tax-deductible, and sponsors will be featured on the Room Service Atlanta website. Last year’s participating designers gained national recognition for their efforts, so it’s a great way to pay forward all of your blessings and publicize your business. You reap what you sow! Throw goodness out into the universe and it comes back to smother you with love.
Thank you so very much for taking the time and reading this today. We cannot wait to get started and keep you posted on the developments. Some of our ideas are already taking shape here on our BOYS COTTAGE Pinterest Board. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or leave a comment here on the blog.
Have a wonderful day and GOD BLESS you and your big heart!
Jennifer and Lisa

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