Show house holiday eye candy

Helllloooo friends! (by the way autocorrect wanted to change my hello to “hellhole friends” -hilarious. I beg to differ autocorrect!). I visited the most recent gorgeous Atlanta show house last week and my initial and repeated reaction, every time I step foot inside one, is wow, we really are lucky to live in such a design mecca city. VERY spoiled here in the South with the abundant talent, resources and overall style. I think once you peruse through these photos, you’ll agree. So let’s get to touring!



The perfect study of mixing pattern, texture and trim RIGHT HERE. And the Robert Allen show room informed this week they’ll be launching a very similar trim soon!






If any of my college roommates are reading…check out the air plants team! Hahaha. Just an absolute drop dead holiday staircase. And the metal railing! Gaga.


I just love pairs of stools like these up next and the beautiful trim detail. Its details like this that make interior design SO MUCH FUN. And bring a sense of uniqueness to your space.



Prepare to fall out on this next room…




Or Susan Ferrier’s living room…


HOT! Her attention to scale and balance is like no other…the way she mixes high, low, middle – dang. Miss Diana Vreeland said it best “the eye has to travel” and it sure does in her spaces.







One of the things I enjoyed most about this show house was the KILLER accessories. Made me wanna come home and set fire to all mine (and go blow up my bank account at BD Jeffries buying some of these).






Speaking of BD Jeffries, they were responsible for this luscious powder room and bar area…




I’ll take a hide stool Santa!!! Pick me. Pick me.


Moving on to the family room, drop dead kitchen and breakfast nook…


Amy Morris : STUD.


Kitchen WHOA.


Notice how the barstools were slipped completely down to the floor…very nice. Or notice my homegirl and fellow designer babe Lindsey…









I’ve always loved these dining chairs…maybe I should consider them in chartreuse for my dining???




Every man’s dream was Bill Ingram and Danielle Rollins study space. Ralph Lauren is proud!


I’ve had a hankering for these floor lamps for years! Available through Circa Lighting.

IMG_8865 IMG_8863 IMG_8864 IMG_8861

I love little details, like robin’s egg blue pencils. ;-)













This last pic is for my sweet Grandma Bobcean in heaven.  As a child we would make these and tie pretty velvet ribbon around them to hang in our closets for a sweet smell. Happy memories.


I cannot recall where i saw these drapes but hubba hubba (hardware included)…


LOVED the beach art!


Fabric covered walls in the powder room…kind of sounds like an oxymoron to me, but hey, to each his own. Maybe they don’t have boys.





This next vignette is a stunner! Would love it in a beach house.



Something about simple black and white sketches in gold frames that ooze sophistication.








Take note of this spectacular headboard shape. Killer.



Gorgeous bedroom in grays and pinks…











Some favorite shots/ideas from Michel Boyd’s master bedroom suite….key word SUITE.




IMG_8909 IMG_8911

I loved the styling of the photographs simply tacked directly into the wall…







Wilt away in that shower!




IMG_8913 IMG_8914 IMG_8915

Close up of that gorgeous paper…








This was a pretty interesting/rocking transition space to the area over the garage. My favorite being the black leather tufted chair with fringe. That’s a new take. Black leather. Like it.




IMG_8904 IMG_8905

Last but not least, my boyfriends from Parker Kennedy. They NEVER disappoint using a beautiful Beacon Hill fabric as the foundation for their space. The lanterns out here were TO DIE for. I wish you all could see these pictures in person…like I said its such a treat to be inside a show house like this, to touch and feel all the great finishes and fabrics. Lights my fire. Hope it does for you too.





I hope you all enjoyed this post and are enjoying your holiday season of decorating. I’m ecstatic to report that I’m off to catch a plane to Paris with my lover and left hand man. We’re being indulgent and traveling during the holiday season….”Paris: always a good idea”. I’ll be posting everything I see pretty if you’d like to follow along here on Instagram.

Have a lovely rest of your week friends! Lots to report back on here at Villa Vreeland (I managed to get three trees up-kill me now) and who knows what sort of goodness from the City of Lights!


Au revoir!

Jenny sipping on champagne far away from the rock.



A fun and funky before and after

Hello friends! And thanks for all your lovely comments about our new home!  I’m really looking forward to sharing all the good design madness with you. XO. But for now, I have a super fun and funky client project I wanted to share. I know you’ve heard me say it before, blah, blah, blah, but I meet the BEST people/clients in this job, and this gal tops the list. We had a blast taking her home from traditional French country to bring in the noise! Bring in the funk! (cue the club music…ooontz ooontz ooontz).

So let’s start here in the keeping room…that’s an awfully big vaulted ceiling for just that little lonesome lantern don’t you think…


There, there, much better. Later days toile (even though we will always love you). We paired two RH sofas, flanking the fireplace and moved television to main wall, so now you can see it from kitchen, if you wish. I’ve been DYING to use this chandelier for years – YES! It  paired nicely with  long-time favorite sconce  “deco horn” from Circa Lighting.


We chose this Jackson Pollack-esque splatter fabric for the pillows as our jump off. Some open weave orange drapes with simple French return rod and removed all the shelves in the built ins (because this house already has a ton of them) and painted the interior blue with some birch and bling. She asked that the pots be casual so we landed on these aluminum ones from IKEA.  And now that the leaves have begun to fall, she’ll pack some more branches in there for the holidays to make it look nice and full. Another little element was switching out the hardware on the doors, to glass knobs for a little bit of glitz.


Our new media console for the tv here in the background and we added a CB2 peek-a-boo console table behind the sofa for command central.



CHECK out the chair that is going here…bananas! Big surprise, I voted for orange on the chair but that was too match-y match-y for my client.  #sassypants


And the middle diamond fabric you see here will be the cushion…ooontz ooontz ooontz


Moving into the kitchen…well…it was just too fancy with those overdone corbels and all that glaze. Be gone – all of you.



We nixed pretty much everything and had all the cabinets repainted…took down the fancy corbels, the ledge over the cook top and installed all this goodness…a pair of Ballard Design’s lanterns and bar stools, in which we had custom slips with cheetah trim made.


We then had fun and funky family sayings monogrammed onto them..the only downer being they didn’t make them BIG ENOUGH. Bummer but oh well, still fun. You all may recall me thinking those spotted grasses from Hobby Lobby in this POST were pretty cool. I love em here.


We still have plans to add some emerald green or light blue “frogs” to the corner of the slipcovers just to give them that extra little oomph and dressmaker detail. Not sure what a frog is? The name was news to me too. They are those sweet little embroidered type fasteners you see a lot in Asian fashion that will give the look of clipping the corners together.

Love the old artifact window over the range, a Scott’s Antique find…


Here is the breakfast area before…

IMG_2699 IMG_2697

And now…


We hung a great oversized Bobo Intriguing Objects pendant over an already fab table and hung the baskets on the wall to keep the whole circle theme groovin. Recovered the window seat with some swanky herringbone metallic fabric (don’t get me started on that cushion HAH she gave us a headache or two) and paired it with the West Elm Mongolian pillow and Kelly Wearstler Barcelo fabric pillow…


I’m currently OBSESSED with all of the above. I wish we could of put the KWID fabric on the barstools to really make em pop, but she thinks a lot of herself Miss Kelly LOL ($$$).

We took the laundry room up a notch because let’s face it team, we all spend A LOT of time in here and its the first thing you see when you walk in the back door.

Before…bye bye bunnies…


We fell hard and fast with a Galbraith and Paul wallpaper but its like a thousand bucks a yard so we found a similar stencil instead…


And voila…bright and cheerful…

(I think we should paint the ceiling in here light blue???) #designisneverdone

We took old unsavory accessories and painted them all white for a modern/repurposed life and don’t cha just love the little lucite shelves…The Container Store.




We did a lot of repurposing of old unsavory accessories…you know all the ones with great lines but maybe not such a great color or finish. Here in the formal living room, I shopped her house and put together a look that was balanced and appropriately scaled, then marked which accessory was going gold and which was going emerald green…


and here they are after to give it a more unified and hip look. I just discovered Target’s removable wallpaper (thanks to another savvy client) and will be hunting some down for the back of the bookshelves.


I love my cleaning lady as much as the next person but isn’t it funny how they always jack it up, and move everything so its just off. Its like I trust you. You don’t have to move it to make me think you cleaned it? So my clients take pictures for reference later. The only other quick fix to report in this room was removing very heavy ornate lamps and replacing them with a pair of casual glass lamps you see here.

And lastly the powder room…#blessyourheart. That sink base was just screaming to be showcased. Such a great piece!


BAM! Schumacher’s Cody Snakeskin (my husband loved it so much, he requested it and now another bachelor client wants it). Men and snakeskin…who knew?

Ok let’s talk…new marble top, faucet, mirror, and lights (that need edison bulbs but she aint having it! lol).


Here’s a better shot of the lights (when the bulbs aren’t blinding you hah) from Restoration Hardware.


I recently hit the mother load of deer antlers at Scott’s Antique Show and yes, you guessed it, repurposed those dawgs too…


So now we just have to find a coffee table before the big show but we’re on it! Spotted this bench at Homegoods and will be recovering it in faux ostrich (another current obsession) for the living room. She requested lightweight and easy to move. Perfecto.


Soon I’ll show you all some REAL pictures, and not just my “quick take a pic” ones here. Such a fun project (!!!).  I hope you enjoyed and gleaned some great ideas! Much more to come from the road…thanks for stopping by!

Jenny from the rock.


Before it was “Villa Vreeland”

Hello friends! I swear I’ve sat down four weekends in a row trying to put this post together, to no avail. Maybe, finally, this is the time. Happy weekend to you! I always feel so fortunate to get back here to write and share.

Do you recall the last time we talked, (like a month ago…bad friend I am) about the “before” tour of our still sorta new home? Well here it is! I wanted to share with you these pictures  because my friend Pam (and Don, who blessed us with this home) have the MADDEST of skills and taste and I just know you all will glean some great ideas from them! And its always fun to see before and gawd knows what’s going to happen after #crazytrain

So here is what the outside use to look like. However it was in need of a new paint job and I’ve always loved a good ole, cant-go-wrong-with-white house. This was my chance.



Voila!  I chose China White by Benjamin Moore, Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams for the doors and Contented by Sherwin Williams for the porch ceilings and side entry door. Big shout out to my designer babes Sherry and Angela for making this choice so easy on me #xoxo Someday I’d like to add shutters to the front windows, but I cannot decide if I go with straight-up colonial revival style…something of my own design…then what color? Sometimes you just gotta let it come. So I’m going to be patient AND my #brainkindahurts right now.


First stop, the fhannncy room that’s ALL MINE to design (insert evil laugh) without any male input.


Its an absolute dream, clad head to toe in pecky cypress. Still blows my mind. But at the same time its kinda intimidating…like how are all my goodwill and DIY finds going to work in here? Pressure, in a good way. Are my ideas BIG enough to carry a room like this? Your guess is as good as mine. Hah!



Hidden in the walls is what we call “the bat bar”…

Robin, to the bat bar!  #happyhour




































I just love these lamps and sofa.


Here’s a peek into the foyer with herringbone floors. Pinch me.


I’ve repainted the majority of the home “Mascarpone” by Benjamin Moore to brighten it up and set the foundation for all the fun to come.


Gaaah. This mirror. A dream.


The door you see to the left there takes you back into the living room, and also a half bath and our master bedroom.


The burlap mirror RAH-OCCKS. Recently installed some paisley wallpaper in here and am loving it.




A shot of the master bedroom. The drapes stayed! Imagine my excitement. I pull those suckers closed every night and give em a kiss!




The fireplace…expertly styled with a gorgeous starburst.



I recently styled ours and stop the presses, may have actually gotten it right the first time around.  I have no complaints. So far, so good.



There were a lot of things I was excited about with this house but probably my top top jump up and down was the master bath. As you know, I spent some time trying to jazz up our master bath in our old house when really I just wanted to take a sledge hammer to it. And those that know my design aesthetic know I LOVE FOXED MIRRORS more than life and hanging art and mirrors from chains (Susan Ferrier was so ahead of the times in 2003) so when I rolled up on this, it was definitely a Cinderella moment. The glass slipper being the glass knobs I swapped out from our old house (big, square, from Anthro. Wish I could say they were still available).

IMG_0869 IMG_0865

Its plumbed for a tub, however, they had furniture instead. Which Mike loved but I’m a tub gal. Right now we have a tufted ottoman from Overstock layered with a hide rug doing the trick (next time I’ll take you on a tour of our progress).

Moving on to the kitchen and keeping room…

This weekend all of the lights are being replace so if anyone is interested in these gorgeous iron lights, they are available. The trained eye can spot them in many designer spaces across lots of portfolios. They’re what we call a goodie.

IMG_0881 IMG_0879 IMG_0877 IMG_0876 IMG_0875


IMG_0873 IMG_0872 IMG_0870 IMG_0513

There is a gallery hall (another great architectural element I’ve always admired) that runs through the center of the home with “miss pecky” on one end, dining room and entrance to the kitchen in the middle and Mike’s man cave on the other (which at one time was the garage before the home was renovated my renowned architect Bobby McAlpine).


I took down all the gorgeous draperies you see here and replaced them with my favorite cheesecloth drapes from the old house against dark Kendall Charcoal walls from Benjamin Moore. The hubs has been begging me for a dark room for years and he got his wish. The man cave is born.


There’s a gorgeous solarium type space at the very end, where my potted lemon tree will go to die to grow this Winter.


And off of the man cave is a half bath, mud room, laundry room and a separate stairway up to my new studio space.

IMG_0891 IMG_0890 IMG_0889 IMG_0887

I look forward to sharing the second floor and the grounds with you next time we meet. For now, I’m exhausted and will be in bed before ten on a Friday night for the first time in a long time. Work is kicking my ___! All good but still hurts. Wink. Wink.  Hope you all have a stellar weekend! The weather has just been off the charts gorgeous here in Atlanta and I’ve witnessed some of the most beautiful Fall color pictures from back home in Michigan. Beauty-full!  Its all around…color, inspiration…soak it up!


Jenny from the rock.


J-sho spotted: Hobby Lobby

Team! How are you???

I thought I’d never make it back! #myhappyplace #theroad

So much to catch up on but first, with about 45 minutes to spare, I made a mad dash around Hobby Lobby today and let me tell ya, it blew my mind. Here’s what I was able to snap snap…


Okay, LOVE these… $19.99 this week, but half off next (the beauty of hob lob).


Some lantern LOVE…


OH BABAE (!!!)


A little RH knock off… for a quarter of the price…and if you ask me, a better finish than the dark dark medieval-looking finish the RH ones come in.


FUN fillers…pattern, texture…so much more fun real looking than fake flowers or plants dontcha think?



check out these funky little suckers…their kinda creepy but yet kinda cool.



Tons of great glass/demi-johns – cheap cheap.



GO crazy with all of this when it goes half off…






Great glass bases! But replace the shades so you don’t see the components. That’s the ticket. I’ve bought so many great lamp bases at Goodwill and recreated them with better shades and fun finials. In the end the base is probably the cheapest part in the entire transaction but who cares, its your very own design.




Group a couple of these next guys together for some dramatic impact.


This looks a lot like an old Ballard knock off..guaranteed it doesn’t weigh as much. Pretty color too. Perfect over a bed, anywhere really.



Really, really, really loved these! Must use somewhere. Again, better shades, black maybe?




Yes! The perfect shade of gold chalkboard. He came home with me, half off at $16. Whaaaa? Thinking I should go back and buy three more and hang in a square by the back door. Come up with something really clever for each maybe? My fun-as-hell client just monogrammed the custom barstools we designed in fun happy things, that are real relevant to the world we live in today and her family. Will share those spaces soon.




I can think about five projects from my past that could have used this lamp. Hah! Don’t you hate that? You little STINKER…where were you when I needed you?!




And then I turned down this aisle and was like WHAT. Those lamps! Shut up. And the tables! Not really digging the gold accent on them but who cares, paint em any color your heart desires. Those lines are fantastic.


A close up of “the lamps”. HAHA! Its like those funky mirrors in a fun house…I promise no one is under my midi skirt… BAHHHHH #cheapthrills #aisleseven

(I can’t stop laughing).


And my favorite find of the day were these feathers. Did I grab any? No. Air brain.




Ohh and yes, Halloween AND Christmas are on full display. Ouch. But you gotta dig these oversized ornaments aeh? I think we should spray them gold. They’re kinda cool and kinda scary all at the same time but would probably make a nice compliment hanging in the center of your holiday wreath you know?


That’s all for now team but boyyyy do I have a special treat in store for you. The full tour of our new house BEFORE we bought it. Key word, before. You get to see how gorgeous it was when my angel friend Pam and her husband Don made a beautiful life here. And for you designer die hards, you’ll recognize the sweet touches of Susan Ferrier’s work too. Just the artwork alone is off the chain. It’ll be a good time.

Until then, enjoy the ride, breeze in your hair.

Jenny from the -been gone too long – rock




who, what, where, when

Hello friends and happy Summer! Its been some time since we talked. A lot has happened. For starters, we sold our house.


Every day the kids would wake up and yell ten days…nine days…eight days! And I’d be like oh s___ this really is happening???  Get packing!


A week before we were due to be out, Better Homes and Gardens shot the first floor of our home, master bedroom/bathroom and the guest room. It was  wonderful news, and a real thrill, so packing started with the closets ;-)



The shoot was big fun, even Jackie boy got in on the action. I was like oh hell no, I don’t want to be in it, let’s put blondie in instead. He did great!



We had beautiful flowers everywhere that last week.  I’d never had a big bouquet of peonies like this before, a real treat. A huge big thank you to Lisa Mowry and her unending support for us Atlanta-based designers.



Then came time to move. This is the part of the story where I try like hell not to complain about how much moving RIDES. Don’t ever do it! Hah. And if you do, start having yard sales NOW. We all have way too much stuff. Like overwhelmingly so. Which reminds me I’ll be having one heluva sale after we get settled.

This is our living room in the new house. The walls and ceiling are pecky cypress and a dream come true. I’ve admired this finish for years, when perusing the gorgeous beach homes along 30A so I’m still pinching myself and touching it every time I pass through.


We spent ten days in our new home and it went by in a blink and was pretty much madness as we began renovations.


Had some painting done….


Pulled the trigger on a new cabinet color in the kitchen. That was fun agonizing over the perfect shade of gray for our purposes. The winner was Sandy Hook Gray by Benjamin Moore. Ding. Ding.


Jilly found this sexy new hardware that you can buy here on the CHEAP.



Then it was time to pack up the family and head to Michigan, via Nashville, to see an old friend (YAY!) and some of this eye candy and inspiration via The Iron Gate (the owner’s Alys Beach home was just featured in the latest issue of Milieu magazine, a kick ass new publication from design idol Pamela Pierce).  Tour her house HERE and Pamela Pierce’s portfolio HERE.








Three weeks in Michigan was the usual riot, hoot, chicken soup, best-yoga-class-ever kind of trip. Never lets us down, Michigan Summers with family and friends. Make ya misty kinda days, moments, memories.  A “Say Yes To Michigan” post to follow shortly. And the Mackinac Island post I shot LAST Summer. The Grand Hotel will launch a thousand ideas. That place is so cool, such a throw back to another time.  Dorothy Draper inspired decor with “proper dress” required after four p.m. A must on your bucket list.

While gone, we decided to bite the bullet and have the floors refinished. Always a little nerve racking, those big money time decisions, like girl time to nut up.


We went with the top middle color, a concoction of  two parts “classic gray” and one part “dark walnut”. I wanted lighter, Hubs wanted darker, so we compromised. Just between you and I, I would of preferred them about 20 percent lighter (dog hair) but he’s happy so I’m happy. They pull enough gray to satisfy my taste, even though they look really brown in these next pictures.



So now that the floors are done its been play time. GAME – ON! Started with the foyer (and that’s about as far as I’ve got). Gotta make an entrance right? Here is one angle…




And started playing around with this angle. I just love those lilac vases found at a local thrift store, just wishing they were BIGGER for here. Which is code for they will probably be swapped out for something large and in charge eventually. Wink. Wink.


Moving into a new home has been a bittersweet adjustment. I wasn’t sure really what to expect as we’ve never been big movers. This is our third and final home, if all goes to plan. Those final days we spent in our last home I tried to consciously grab a few shots, moments, views to remember and share with you all. Like this one coming out of Sophia’s messy bedroom caught me one day. Those were Ikea panels I used for the shower curtain and still love em to this day and what they brought to that space that never got much attention. Forego the standard shower curtain idea. Find you some good looking panels you love and take em all the way to the ceiling instead.



Or the vintage shoe molds walking the wall in the guest bathroom, which my husband informed me, creeped him out and reminded him of something out of The Shining. I liked it. I like weird.







And the wallpaper I never tired of! A Christmas miracle.


Much more to come on our new adventure. You can follow along on Instagram under #villavreeland or view our inspiration board on Pinterest HERE. I know how much we all love before and afters so full tour coming soon.  For now, its back to work for J. SHO DESIGN. We have some exciting new and old projects to share with you all real soon.  Thanks for coming along today. Peace out and happy Summer days to you all!

Jenny from the ” I will help you move because it sucks” rock



A work in progress

Remember awhile back when I came home from Design Blogger’s Conference all GUNG-HO…editorial calendar, monthly features, weekly, I’m on it!

(A moment of silence for that hilarity).

However, eventually I do get around to the notion so here we are team with our first “work in progress” monthly feature.

I won’t go on about how exhilarating it is to see a down-to-the-guts renovation start coming together..flashback to February and you’re walking on muddy plywood floors, freezing your a…. off thinking, wow we have so…far…to…go…and then a sunny day, like today, and mama’s alright!


I hope you enjoy. This client happens to be a very dear friend of mine and is extremely talented. In no way, shape or form, can I take credit for all this goodness. Rather, I’m honored to have been a part and I thank her for exposing me to pretty new things, pretty new ideas. xo


I promise to dig out the before photo of this house when we do the big reveal someday. New windows, new railings, new metal roof, new front door (awaiting paint).

These next few photos of the laundry room, the Taj Mahal we call it, its one tricked out pony. But let’s talk about that for a second. You spend half your life in your laundry room, shouldn’t it be fabulous? This one, on the main floor, works its ass off. Ice maker, craft cabinet, pull out laundry bins, big sink, texture and these pretty knobs from Anthro.


I wanna dive into this tile. Surfboard. Surfboard.


sweet half bath…


The office view of the river. Zinc desk and light from RH.


I met a barn door and it was badass.


This is the entrance to the den. It took me like ten years to figure out wth the den was in the South. Up North it’s the office. So I looked it up and got a chuckle…

den |den|
a wild animal’s lair or habitation.
• informal a small, comfortable room in a house where a person can pursue an activity in private.
• a place where people meet in secret, typically to engage in some illicit activity: an opium den | a den of iniquity.
• a small subdivision of a Cub Scout pack.





Kitchen fireplace. Whoa is all I have to say bout the kitchen. I can’t wait.



Here is one view of it. The cabinets are coming together. I brought with me the pretty pendants from Gabby Home that will go up this week.


I wanna be this girl!


the master suite













We removed this awkward landing in the upstairs hallway (dead space) to bring you this look and natural light ;-)))


Remember this Instagram?


Here we are…


So while I was cruising the hood, I thought I’d snap a few beauties on the way out to share…the quintessential Southern elevation here with all the ferns…


And one of my personal favorites. The sun was bright, sorry, but the door color, hanging lantern and pots are perfect, I promise. This home reminds me of something you would see in Peachtree Battle, the apartment days in the city where I would run for miles and fell in love with the charm and beauty of Southern homes and gardens. I watched additions go on, tear downs, and new gorgeous exteriors go up, happy for the strangers lucky enough to live inside of them, on those runs. I’m still carrying with me the oversized mailbox idea with the street address painted on in the most beautiful font. Long Park Road fits the vision perfectly with its cursive L, P and R. And all I can think, today and every day running by, was if Mom were here, she could TOTALLY paint that for me, no problem. Followed by DAMN that would have been such a great day, Mom and I, hanging out by the street painting our mailbox all fancy.

(I had to excuse myself there for a second. Go blow my nose and squeeze my eyes into some tissue. With Otis Redding conveniently playing in the background go figure). Mom loved Otis…”I’ve been loving you too long, to turn back now…” great tune.


You all have a great rest of your week! I”ll meet you back here real soon. We’re moving in a couple of weeks, something we haven’t done in 11 years, and there is a lot to discuss around that crazy topic.

Peace out framily and God bless Maya Angelou and the life she lead today. I loved when our English Profs put her in the syllabus. Amen for strong women cradling the world.


jenny from the rock


How cute are my neighbors?

Recently our dear neighbors of ten plus years hosted a graduation party for both their beautiful daughters, one college, one high school, with a lovely party, in every sense. Beautiful vignettes indoors and out and a food truck. I couldn’t wait to share.  You could so totally picture her home while flipping through the pages of Country Living. Were you born and raised on Country Living magazine? That was one Mom always had around. Its fun for me, especially on this Mother’s Day weekend,  to wonder what her taste in home design would be today. Every Summer Dad and I embark on some sort of home improvement project and I wonder, would Mom still love this kitchen wallpaper, what color would she want the dining room? My neighbor, Mary Kay’s style and a lot of her antiques remind me of Mom, so I’m especially biased. Also because we’ve made a lot of great memories here with our neighbors, our friends and Mary Kay is truly a one-of-a-kind heart and spirit. So Happy Mother’s Day all you rock stars. And on to this rock star you will LOVE.


Cupcakes on vintage glassware, an old window, hand painted by a local artist FYI, and notice the table. Two vintage Singer sewing machine bases (spotted two of them yesterday at Scotts, easy to come by), topped with an old door for an instant and easy buffet, display space, desk in your home or cottage. Mom had her Singer sewing machine table in the dining room and spent many late nights there. The last thing she made, I believe, is a madras plaid shift dress for me in college, for some sorority function and I’m hanging onto it for Soph. Because “there ain’t no way” Mama’s ever getting back in that thing!  I remember her making a dress for my bff Koko in high school that we had designed with these crazy, tacky sequin appliqués we found in New York City. We thought we were SO COOL designing a dress when actually we were SO tacky in our quest to express our fashion sense. HAH.

The candy bar, displayed at different heights, using stacked books, favorite titles from their youth, then and now. Doesn’t every graduate get a copy of Oh The Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss? With a $100 bill tucked inside – preferably. ;-))


I love the simplicity, yet impactful of her centerpiece.


A slice of her AMAZING photo wall and more great vintage finds.


And old screen door, more than likely off the family farm, used to display photos. This is such a good idea for when you cannot seem to print or put photos in frames. You can switch them in and out, add, subtract all kinds of mementoes and feel good about it every time you or your family walk by. Money!


Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely, Oh Lord. <3 <3 <3


A collection of glass bottles displayed on a big round tray is one of my faves, with randomly selected ones for wildflowers. Dummy didn’t get a better picture darn it. Should of grabbed an overview.


Year round this old fence turned pin board hangs here, overflowing at Christmastime. Again, the makings of a happy home. Constant reminders of love and what life is all about. Your home is your blanket. Cover up!


One of the things designers often stress is your home should feel collected and this next shot accurately displays that. Many objects aren’t achieved overnight. Recall your family’s best  memories and adventures and symbolize them with objects that represent those moments.

“Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them” 


- Bob Dylan


I love the patina of the coffee table and the milk jugs displayed inside the old tool box. Classic ticking represented. Never gets old.

Family heirloom and vintage quilts are displayed in an old cart, enhanced with twine, for extra support and an extra look. Remember the blanket comment ;-))


A close up of one of her many winner vignettes.


Old frames make the best backdrop and layering pieces. I’ve recently been picking up the old metal rings that come off barrels, as I find them. Just that little piece of round rusted metal, looks great layered with looks like these.


This is such a great idea! When you are out hunting, you come across some really beautiful, quaint, old mirrors. And if you are especially lucky, their mirror has started to “fox” and or patina in that special way they do, making all of us look better (lol). I really wanted my basement bar client to cover the entire back wall of his bar with finds like these and then somehow (hadn’t crossed that bridge yet)  float metal shelves in front of it for bar display. Somebody take this idea and run with it! And don’t forget to report back! ;-))


My dear friend and designer Lisa had the same idea with a bachelor pad in Chicago, but they covered the dining room wall instead. You’re going to want to check it out and follow along HERE.

I mean even Mary Kay’s pens and pencils have a cool place to sit!


The menu board for the food truck and all the pretties and fun that await us outside…


To give you a little background, Mary Kay just recently retired from the vintage rental business, although, clients continue to call and woo her back. Big surprise there. She’s got major skills. And a gorgeous collection of family, found, vintage pieces mixed across many eras, like this cozy corner on their big front porch.


Another awesome (and simple DIY) display!


The chaise in the front yard, with the patch of wildflowers behind you, and the vintage metal fence behind that.



You get to really see the artistic visions from her vintage rental repertoire.

LOVE the tee pee made with vintage linens! All the teenagers posed (or took selfies ;-)) with pretty props standing in front of the tee pee.


I missed a picture of the outdoor “door” table, set up with a mix of metal seating and three simple glass milk jugs lining the center with wildflowers. Its where you found all the usual suspects, wink, wink. In the shade sipping a beverage. We loved it all so much, it was voted “had to stay!” for impromptu happy hours or a lemonade stand for the kiddos. We were blessed with one more night, Sunday night pizza, where we loved on our precious new babies on the street while enjoying one of those magical weather weekends, mild, sunny and breezy, you never want to end kind. No one wanted to see the sun go down that night.


It’s pretty close corners in our hood, reminds me a lot of my childhood home, where nothing but a single driveway separates you from your neighbor. Moses wasn’t joking when he said “love thy neighbor” because you really have to love your neighbors. Having said that, you utilize space that maybe you would not. Its so true about living in the South, where you can create outdoor “rooms” and spaces like this sunk-in or “terrace level” patio space off the basement. How fricken cute are you? You know how many nights I’ve walked up on a roaring fire and ice cold Miller Lite (in a can the way we like it). We’ll meet here after Friday night football games, just like my parents did, however, they didn’t have to leave the back yard because the football field was our back yard (made spying on your boyfriend at football practice very convenient).  As a kid, I’d run around the corner every Friday night and listen to spectators get a kick out of  “look at those people in the backyard watching the game!” and be all embarrassed…ugh I don’t know who those people are- not related! 


Another space saving and awesome addition is this swing, hung from the deck, as a lot of homes here have sloping back yards. Adorned with these colorful mobiles they have made, who wouldn’t want to swing here…just a swinging…



You know those moments when you go to a friend’s house and they have just the killer piece, the piece you are gaga for and you’re like hey man, can you leave this for me in your will? Hah.  I’ll take the sofa! Meanwhile my boy and his boy were playing “extreme croquet” in the backyard. Which is a great idea for your next party. Corn hole was set up in the neighbor’s front yard. Can’t go wrong with corn hole!


The girls have taken so many beautiful shots on this gorgeous Victorian piece throughout the years. They were so little when we first moved here?! I cannot believe they are all grown up and responsible, working full time or headed off to college. We can all feel really good about leaving the world in their hands.

The family visited Atlanta’s food truck park before selecting Urban Taali to feed all of us. And it was gooood.


One last awesome, repurposed piece and message. xoxo



Have a happy Saturday all! If you have any questions about the gorgeous items you have seen here, how to make them, what their made off, etc., don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll holler across the street at Mary Kay and find out for ya.

peace out!


A constant treasure hunt

Hello team,

How goes it? I’ve been a mad crazy designer these past two weeks, on the hunt for one-of-a-kinds to wrap up some projects before Summertime hits. I wanted to share what’s out there, A LOT of pretties, A LOT of potential, but where to start?

How bout Home Decorator’s Collection? You know that catalogue that shows up every month, now owned by The Home Depot. Well they opened a retail space here in Alpharetta and its nice to see and feel some of that good looking eye candy you see on line, JUST to be sure. Some score, some do not.

I love this ottoman layered over a hide rug for a large master bath suite. Bring in some softness to all the hard lines a master bath entails and give it a touch of luxe. At $279 it definitely made the score list.




The pair of mirrors were rock solid as well as this fanciful take on a starburst…


I’ve had my eye on a sofa/chaise for our beach place and this would run right in front of the dead space of the 1980’s door wall that doesn’t open. We really need a sofa we can all pile onto and with limited square footage, this one may do the trick once I flip the t.v. to the other side of the room, whenever that may be.



Notice all those good-looking lamps in the background, good stout sizes too, but this one in particular, beautiful as a pair in a bedroom…



More pretties worthy of mention. Nice finish on this table…


$199. Love the pleats. Put me with a pair in front of the fireplace.



Never under estimate the power of large accessories and well-edited accessories (aka you don’t need a lot), these all fit the bill…









Fretwork, very in style in both home decor and fashion this season. I’d like a pair of shoes that look like this.

Black and white, also on trend, would make some fun cookie jars in the kitchen.


These lanterns were massive with loads of possibilities.



Need a side table? Indoor or out?


These are also great for the shower!


well maybe not this one…but perfect for outdoor or rustic indoor.



Cocktail table? Again, indoor or out…



And lastly, the perfectly scaled bench for an end of bed or layered under a console table, at the price, you can recover and make her your own in a snap…


The locals may have heard of Kudzu Antiques in Decatur. I was picking up a massive chandelier from Solaria recently and they needed some time to get it ready. No problem, let me just run into Kudzu across the street and see what we can find.


LOVE the sofa and the stories it could tell.  I pictured some mid-century lanterns hanging from the ceiling, on each end, in a Palm Springs type of pad, somewhere back in the day.



This old window frame was massive, at least three feet wide, and what a statement she’d make in your home, over your mantle, above your bed, you name it.



Love these vintage pin up girl prints for my bachelor’s basement bathroom, located just off the bar. Perfect.




Big ole brass scalloped tray, pretty on a table or hung on the wall.




How cool are there doors?! Maybe they came out of the same house as the sofa?



Sometimes its the kid in me or its for the kids ;-) Kermeee!




This is what we call getting side tracked. Focus Jen, focus.




Not my size, dang it. Look at that heel!



Again, not my size.


I’ve got a thing for chandeliers with sprays at the top. I kept coming across them, everywhere I went these past few weeks…




It was time to check out the new Green Bean Exchange location in Alpharetta. WHOA. Good, good stuff!

A pair…



A set of four for $160! Restyled. Lots of fun.








There were three of these, used indoors instead, in a bathroom perhaps?



Loved this table base,  indoor or out.




A steal at $99! In a new color, just set your vintage record player up top, with all those old albums, or a bar.



In need of a pop of color? No problem.


It was the perfect size for a side table…



Way cool, I thought, a pair, even better. Again it had that Viceroy, Kelly Wearstler vibe I thought.


Walk away…you’re here to work…



For you DIYers, I thought this lace swag was so pretty. Stay tuned for my neighbor’s super cute grad party she threw this past weekend, where she makes chandeliers very similar to this, and hangs them all over the yard!



The fun thing about antiquing is I probably wouldn’t have thought about Dennis the Menace ever again but here he is, saying HI! ;-)


For the firefighter in your life…you just never know what you might find. This would be a great gift.



I decided to hit the Free Home Green Bean and these urns caught my eye. In a high gloss color, again they had that cool Kelly Wearstler, hipness to them. I could see them a top a pair of tables, maybe some books stacked underneath or all around.




Digging this piece of wood for some texture and layers…



I hit the jack pot at the Green Bean in Cumming…this hand made lamp. Can’t go wrong with REAL materials. I think a black shade with gold interior will look swank with it.


Totally digging this old 1920’s photography lamp for my bachelor pad client as a floor lamp. Bonus, he’s into the industrial look. Of course I’d love to keep it for myself. ;-)


GORGEOUS brass bed, and so affordable. It so pays team to repurpose! Again, real materials too.


I may have gone a little coo coo but there was something about these candle sconces, in another color, that I liked, haha.


Part of an old window arch, would make great wall art!


Step away from the chair that was only $49. NO MORE CHAIRS can come home!


I bought the bald eagle lamp and the green etched glass lamp with stars. Will have some fun styling with new shades.



These tables are custom, any size you need, and she will stain the wood in any color!




Now off the beaten path, to a place I hit from time to time and based on what I found, its going to have to be in the rotation much more often!

Loved the lines, down cushion, great price!



The pair, $50! Who doesn’t love a room with matching twin beds?



Does this next picture get you excited or give you the heebie jeebies? LOL. Me, excited! If ever you need some chairs, we’ve found our place!


This little pretty was in the process of getting a make over…


I think this next chair is the jump off point for my new home office, what do you think? Big thick box cushion on top. The perfect opportunity to use one of those fancy, expensive fabrics because you won’t need much. But what a punch it will pack!


And I’m headed back today for these pagoda styled lamps. Hubba hubba. I can’t stop thinking about them. They need some work but oh well, I can handle that. You’re so worthy of my time sweet babies.



These sconces were great, with that little touch of brass.



In a funky fresh pattern? Aeh whatya say?


Loved this guy for a mix of seating around a breakfast table maybe? New color, black?


You could fill an entire two story foyer with all the vintage mirrors in this place, no lie! And artwork too. This place is a treasure hunt and the owner is awesome. She allows designers to bring back anything that doesn’t work. Are you kidding me? That is extremely patient, priceless and generous in this business.


Notice the frame, how its a swag that doesn’t go all around the mirror. Love when that happens.



Love this piece for a long table…fill it up randomly with air plants and succulents. It was HUGE. Or just a few silver orbs?



And of course sourcing and shopping wouldn’t be complete without a run through Target and ADAC. These little x stools often go on sale for $63 and have tons of potential recovered and/or repainted.


I used them here in a foyer, with new upholstered tops to anchor those sconces, easy peasy!


I also think these white-washed side tables could go ANYWHERE and are a great find for $59.99.



As promised I hit the new Jim Thompson showroom and was gaga. So much so, I barely snapped any pictures, I was so intimidated ;-) but picked up a ton of great new fabric samples to share soon.

LOOK at this amazing art wall – so perfect!


And this collection of glass goblets. I wish I had a more artistic shot of it, but you get the picture. It was stunning! They remind me of Grandma’s old ribbon candy dishes, all those suckers always stuck together when you tried to eat one.



And for you sticker collectors from our 80s youth, I wish this next picture were a “scratch-n-sniff”…


Isn’t it great to know there are people out there that can put something like this together? Again, my picture doesn’t do it justice, heaven in a vase. But being able to work with ART, ARTISTS and be around it all the time is truly the best. Every time I pull into ADAC its like the perfect trifecta of joy, excitement and gratitude. You just never know what you might see or who you might meet that shares all the same loves as you.

Cheers friends! I hope you enjoyed this picking, shopping, sourcing post and it gives you some mojo to hit some stores today for fun finds! #coloryourworldpretty







A preview of the ASO Show House – now open

Ohhhhh boy. Last week we toured the ASO Spring Show House for media day and I was blown away. It’s like every major design force in Atlanta flexin their artistry muscle, puttin on a show. Incredible. I took a lot of pictures with my phone, my good camera and there are some FABULOUS images from the press kit too so grab a glass of champagne and let’s rock!

The home is called “Palazzo Rosa” an Italian Baroque style home built in 1926. It spans 16,000 square feet and is currently for sale.



We’ll start in the pool house with this cute-as-pie designer Michael Habachy.


These chairs are insane. Vintage and reupholstered in hide. You know how bad I wanna say “talk dirty” right now right? Those things are so sexy!


Orbs! Be sure to pile some on in your favorite urn or bowl.



A beautiful tile arrangement.





I especially loved this artwork from a Canadian artist Michael recently discovered. Its a little bit fantasy, a little bit Tinkerbell. Like it.


Moving on to Timothy Corrigan’s space, decked out head to toe in his new fabric line. I could of died. I recently pulled this sample in the “sunset” color way and its beachy, gorgeous and fun in orange, pink and coral tones.



I’m constantly keeping my eyes peeled for wall brackets, they provide fun drama to any space, and these were especially sweet. I wonder how he got them to stick?


Family Living Room - Timothy Corrigan


A gorgeous vignette, showing Timothy’s eye for styling. The scalloped tables covered in his fabric as well. So luxurious.




Over the years of touring show houses, I get a big kick out of what designers put inside fireplaces to style them. Gotta love the gold bars.



Elaborate urns on pedestals stuffed with magnolia branches, which is a look I’d like to do more of. Need to find me some good clippers.



Sucker for art! I saw a lot of art propped up and layered over others and mirrors. Keep this in mind when styling your home. One less hole in the wall and that makes husbands happy.



Moving into the kitchen, the perfect shade of greige on the cabinets, tile backsplash all the way to the top…

Kitchen - Matthew Quinn - Design Galleria


Notice the finish on the quartz counters…its a leather finish?! That’s a new one for me…always a student. Also love the styling of the terrarium trio.



The sconces over the windows, a personal favorite!





Morning Room - John Oetgen - Oetgen Design Inc. 2

This next space, the Grand Salon, designed by Barbara Westbrook, BLEW ME AWAY with its hand painted linen wall coverings, original to the home! R u kidding me?

Grand Salon - Barbara Westbrook - Westbrook Interiors 2

Grand Salon - Barbara Westbrook - Westbrook Interiors 1

I love the rich emerald tones she pulled from the walls. Below a new take on a traditional wing back chair and how sweet is the side table, standing by for your favorite cocktail.


I could have spent a lot of time in this space, it was just so amazing to me. Taking note of the nail and trim on the ottoman here. Its the little details, the little layers, that make designing so much fun.


A beautiful lunch on a beautiful day was provided on the front lawn…


Directly off the Grand Salon, was Robert Brown’s Solarium space in grays, pinks with perfectly-styled vignettes and French Moderne furnishings. Notice how wonderful the wall color looks with the dark wood moldings. I might not have guessed that?

Solarium - Bob Brown - Robert Brown Interior Design 2

Again more layering of art over mirrors, etc.


Or art over art, whatever your fancy..


Note to self, pull this fabric memo…it sort of reminds me of sea urchins and may make a great jump off point for a beach house design. I believe its Jim Thompson, with a newly designed show room at ADAC I need to see asap.


Really digging this salon styled wall in the study designed by Stan Topol and a favorite Brunschwig and Fils fabric on the walls and pillows. You may recall I just had a pillow made in this for my office and have some more coming for the new house.


I miss this good ole fashioned fringe trim. Its such great texture and looks especially cool on the end of round bolster pillows too.


Can I just pick you up, pillows and all, and throw you in the back of my truck? LOVE. And notice the swag of the draperies, extending past the moldings, for more drama. Dig.



Chambre Traquille de la Mademoiselle - Tish Mills - Harmonious Living


Jimmy Stanton’s spaces ALWAYS look so effortless and CHIC.

Master Sitting Room - Jimmy Stanton - Stanton Home Furnishings 1

Now that’s a master bed!


And a master bath!!! I particularly loved the art styled in a mish-mash around the mirror, on both sides. Made a mental note of that as well. ;-)





Our friends Lance and David, of Parker Kennedy, did such a phenomenal job with their outdoor space! Throw in the fact that I’m obsessed with black and white and this was an easy vote as one of my favorite spaces.

Master Terrace - Lance Jackson - Parker Kennedy 1



Again, another perfectly styled vignette by Bryan Alan Kirkland Designs. This space was VIBRANT with shades of pink. Really fun! Notice the white wrapped books. Recently Jill and I sprayed an old set of encyclopedia’s gold and will be using them to style some bookshelves with emerald green accents. Hoping that all works out like you picture in your head. ;-)


And lastly, our new favorite friends, Lila Pryor Frank and Allyson Kirkpatrick’s solarium garden space in sweet lavender. We had the opportunity to meet these fine ladies at lunch and they are a HOOT. Lee Lee if you are reading, they are from Huntsville and knew your family. Small world. BTW I have totally fallen for this color. I use to hate it. LOL. It’s nice to know we are always changing and evolving right? ;-)


I hope you enjoyed the tour! I’m sorry to report that I did not get any good pictures of the Dining Room, by one of my FAVORITE Atlanta Interior Designer’s Melanie Turner. The existing antique murals brought back great memories of my Grandparent’s Funeral Home, hah. I know that sounds crazy, but they too had mural wallpaper on the walls for years (and lived upstairs) and I so wish it was still there. Now I have to look at Mom and Dad’s old prom pictures for a glance. If you do not know Melanie, check out her portfolio HERE. It has rock star written all over it. And she’s fun and sweet to talk to. I would have loved an opportunity to study under her while I was making my way. Heck I still am making my way. Always a student is one of my life’s many mantras. Be a sponge! ;-)

Have a GREAT DAY and if you are in the Atlanta area, go be inspired with all this lavish design. This was just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more! All proceeds benefit the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, all the info for the show is, HERE. And you can follow along on your favorite social media network with hashtag #ASOShowHouse.

Cheers you all!





Well hello team! Nothing like switching over to a new blog platform and then never hearing from me again ;-) A lot has been going on. You can definitely tell Spring is in the air and all clients want a PIECE of the action! I love it. I love my clients! (knock on wood) This week has been like chicken soup for the soul seeing all of them re-energized and our months and weeks of work coming to fruition… for example, this dining room here coming together…


We are awaiting a large case good piece for the back wall and an OVERSIZED metal bar cart to the left for happy hour! I wish you could see the pretty herringbone wool window treatments better or the great metal tray from Restoration Hardware that will run the length of the table, with tons and tons of vanilla tapers but you will. This client is all about “Garden and Gun” and I’m very excited about what’s to come.

Here’s what we were working with initially…a really bad cream on the upper walls and eggplant throughout. ALL GONE.


No better feeling than Spring right?  And getting everything in your house freshened up for the good times that will roll this Spring and Summer!

“let the good times roll
let them knock you around
let the good times roll
let them make you a clown”

So its work, work, work, day and night until school ends. Throw in selling your home and this girl’s straight crazy. I don’t think my kid’s beds have ever been made so much?  Its kinda nice having the whole fam pitch in on keeping this beast clean, kinda like “who are you and what have you done with my family?”.

SO last we talked, I was going to update you on attending the Design Blogger’s Conference right? It was right here in Atlanta and my favorite girls were all in attendance.

IMG_2745 ( a nice surprise wine tasting at the end of our session. The Prosecco was to die for. I’ve faded from P, a little too sweet for me as of late, but this one was off the chart. I promise to track down the name of it for you!). 

It was kinda like going back to college, hanging with the girls, feeling SASSY, but the rooms were much nicer and we weren’t all broke. Hah. There were a lot of sessions, and great insight and presentations from some of the best in the business (Candice Olsen, Timothy Corrigan, Tobi Fairley, Jeffrey Alan Marks and on and on). My big take-a-ways were bringing your blog and your business all under one brand NAME, so I tried to achieve that in my new blog header.  You’ll notice my j. schoenberger design logo has taken on a bigger presence. But of course Vreeland Road is my blood, so I’ll never lose that, regardless of what the experts say. xo

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.35.12 PM

The second take-a-way that piqued my interest was a suggestion from Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita blog fame, and that was to have a few monthly feature stories and set an editorial calendar.  So I’m making that my goal and my feature story ideas were:

“A work in progress” In this field it takes months, sometimes years to achieve the final look of a project. And I thought it might be fun and interesting for my readers to see the progress along the way? Maybe some of the initial scouting photos, the befores, a few inspiration shots thrown in, and of course the intel, the method to the madness and the sources because life is about SHARING and CARING right? Work hard. Be nice. Good things happen.

My second monthly feature idea (don’t get crazy Jen, two? Oh yes, maybe even three – holy moly) was “J. SHO SPOTTED”. I sift through my iPhone pictures some days, while chilling in a waiting room, or getting the oil changed and think, this is so worthy of sharing right?? This would inspire me? This HAS inspired me and now I’ve translated that into my client’s new dining room, etc. So once a month I’d love to share the latest and greatest images I’ve snapped on my journey of explorations. Nothing worse than constantly surfing through your phone for an image to show a client and at over 1,ooo images, it takes awhile, your eyes really start to hurt, and oh shit, I thought I deleted that pic for the hubs?! #whoops

Lastly, I was thinking about a “FAB FIND FRIDAY”, just a quick and fun new product I found that I love.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.39.14 PM


Like these twig gold candlesticks from a client meeting yesterday. Ordered three of them! They are super tall too. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Comes in silver too, from The Home Decorator’s Collection.

And come Friday, maybe a great cocktail recipe thrown in too? Like all these ideas from a restaurant we dined at on vacation…


Heck its the weekend right? Time to dance on the table!

So there you have it, my new set of goals for THE ROAD. What hopefully lies ahead. In a nutshell bringing better content, knowledge and inspiration to you, my lovely lovelies. In addition to the above race track that is life right now, our family took a little vacay down to the Virgin Islands over spring break and I hope you won’t mind me sharing the images with you next time we meet here again. Some design, beautiful scenary and a lot of just crazy us.

Have a great week and a great Spring! Here’s to new beginnings! So happy for my Michiganders who ride here. Big Poppy said last night it hit 60 degrees (!!!) and that is HUGE news in early April after a long, cold, hard Winter.  I love my southern friends and family that are born and raised here, but folks YOU HAVE NO IDEA the DARKNESS, lol. I remember those sixty-degree days with great fondness! We’d most likely skip class and if lucky enough to get an outdoor table at the Peanut Barrel sip brews and eat the best burgers all day long. Good times! So soak up those rays while you can! xoxo

Jenny from the rock