The Pacific Northwest

Hi Friends,
I thought we’d take a break from the holiday decorating and take a scenic tour through Portland, Oregon. It’s the first half of a recent trip I took with some great friends. While there, we were able to visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends from school days. It was an amazing time. Who knew a rib cage could get so sore from laughing?

This was my second trip to this small big city and once again the people, food and sights blew me, my eyes and my taste buds away. There is creativity and beauty every where you look. You want to drink the air its so fresh and clean feeling. And we lucked out on the weather. Sunny and mild all four days. Not your typical December weather and I think it showed in everyone and everywhere we went.

Enjoy the tour! Lots of pics, little talk.

Breakfast in a glass (The bloody at Cafe Nell). Delish. 

The Oregon wineries.

Auntie Em, Uncle Henry???

Erath winery. “Le Jour Magique” translation: the day of magic. That it was.

Master sampler

Dinner in the town of McMinnville. The food out here is incredible and depressing at the same time. Zaxby’s drive thru anyone? We just don’t have food like this where we live and it can get you down when visiting a place and its EVERYWHERE.

Man vs. Food, one of Dad’s and the kiddos favorite shows…
A MAN-CAKE. Look out. 

Was diggin the color and architecture…

And these mossy steps. Notice the cool house numbers. Details.

A swanky and beautifully designed bar called “Saucebox” (great name). A place like this would crush where we live. Who doesn’t want to  hang out under red twinkle lights affixed to tree branches? Stunning. 
Follow the yellow brick road…

And here are some more pics from my first trip to Portland I think you might enjoy. 

Open air! Finally restaurants are designing spaces like this in Atlanta suburbia.

Another shot of that rockin mary.

Beautiful courtyard, perfectly planted pots.

More of the architecture we like from earlier. Stone porch is great.


Scenes from the Farmer’s Market…

String lights make me really happy. Great piece of architecture where it looks like they kept the original structure’s walls. God bless beautiful architecture and the great minds behind it. 

Gooseneck lights rule the school.

Green thumb envy. 
I hope you enjoyed this little foray into Portland, Oregon. A great American city! I’ll be back soon with scenes from Seattle and some shots of my own holiday decorating (at last). The year is winding down fast and furious. I hope its been a magical season for you so far!!! As always thanks for stopping by the road. Your comments and emails make it “le jour magique”! 
Jenny from the rock
This post is dedicated to the memory of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry that lost his life this sad day last year defending our country so you and I can be FREE to travel this beautiful land. Please say a prayer for his family this holiday season. xoxo 


  1. Jennifer Lundstedt says:

    AWESOME! Great post Jen, can almost feel the fun you girls had!! 😉 LOVE your blog!!

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